Cry Out, Cry Out!

Cry out, cry out
Sing to me
Show me your resolve
Show me your fight

Stand so strong
For what you believe
Band together
Be that great light

March on, march on
Tread in unison
United as one
Unite to be free

Victory is yours
Step into the Dawn
Work for the dream
Choose to believe!


Written by David Johnson
21 December 2014

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.


The fragile sounds
of human nature ring
As we go about our days

In daily tasks
We yearn for more
As we go about our ways

Setting goals
Dreaming dreams
Navigating life’s freeways

Along our course
Spare a thought
For those going through a phase

Be a friend
Listen to them
And help them through the maze

Life is precious
Treat it with respect
And we all will climb life’s stairway

Written by David Johnson
17/18 December 2014

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Third Eye

In our lives
In our play
Issues sometimes
Get in our way

We cannot see
What to do
We are too close
Mind subdued

At any time
We can choose
To turn it on
To set it loose

The third eye comes
As you imagine
Free your mind
Unleash your passion


Written by David Johnson
14 December 2014

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

The Mantlepiece Of Time

I remember that clock
That looked so fine

Ageing through the years
Just like a fine wine

It sat majestic
Upon the mantlepiece

Watching over all
A great centrepiece…

Many a gathering
Of family and friends

Celebrated here
Love transcends

The years go past
Memories hold true

Of those times gone by
For me, and for you


Written by David Johnson
13 December 2014


Copyright 2014  All Rights Reserved.

Eleven In Number

They hang like spheres
In the darkness of the night

Wistfully moving
In the pale moonlight

Looking at them
With a passing glance

Heightens that feeling
Of a lovely romance

Eleven in number
All in a row

These lights they cast
the faintest of shadows…


Written by David Johnson
6 December 2014


Copyright 2014  All Rights Reserved.

If I Was The Light

If I was the Light
It surely would be

A way to discover
The way to be free

Scattered over the land
Shining for all

Lighting up the day
Before night begins to fall

Resting till dawn
Recharged and ready

To light up the day
And enlighten so many

Particles of light
All over the world

Shadows receding
Darkness unfurled

If I were the Light
It surely would be

A way to discover
The way to be free..


Written by David Johnson
22 November 2014


Copyright 2014  All Rights Reserved.

Distant Eyes

Distant eyes
Holding a love so true

Looking into yours
They once knew

Those eyes that hold
A history of love

Pure as Gold
White as a Dove

Those eyes that long
To open the door

How much they’d love
To see you once more…


Written by David Johnson
21 November 2014

Copyright 2014  All Rights Reserved.

Etched In The Concrete Path Of Time…

Etched in the concrete path of time
Our past lives are bound
From within we ask the questions
And the answers will be found

Memories come and memories go
Of times past, of times long since gone
Enjoyable times, times of regrets
Into the ether, our past lives are drawn

Here in the present our lives exist
Do what we can, do what we must
Live for the moment, reach for the sky
Believe in ourselves, it’s a matter of trust

Into the future our thoughts do venture
What will we do, what will we be
The future in our hands, our thoughts will guide
Be what we are, be what we can with glee!


Written by David Johnson
21 November 2014


Like a breath of fresh air
The music soothes

Enchanting the mind
Relaxing the mood

Drifting away
To another world

Thoughts dissipate
Becoming unfurled

Sleep catches on
Your Spirit rests

Time to dream
And manifest…


Written by David Johnson
16 November 2014

Copyright 2014  All Rights Reserved.

Delicate Colours

Delicate colours
Hang in the sky

Watching the Earth
As it passes by

Particles dance
Light filters through

Altering it’s form
Changing it’s hue

From day to night
Time moves along

Serenading the Earth
Light into song

The old day is done
Shadows they fall

Night rolls in
Morning begins to call

Light from the horizon
Bursts forth so strong

Delicate colours
Breaking into song…

Written by David Johnson
11 November 2014


Lapping waves
A relaxing beat

Overlaying patterns
Sand so neat

Microscopic life
Comes and goes

To and fro
In its throes

Refreshingly clean
Caressing our mind

Our Spirit at rest
Relaxation defined


Written by David Johnson
9 November 2014


“Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together.”   
- Thomas Carlyle

We all seem to live such busy lives. Home, family, friends, work, study, business, interests, clubs all take up our time and hopefully are contributing in a positive fashion to our lives. In all this frantic engagement however, we need to consciously take time out to think about our lives and what we are doing, or simply just relax our mental state.

My quiet time takes on different forms, such as:

  • Using my imagination to drift off into other places/other times
  • a cup of Tea on a Saturday or Sunday morning in a relaxing place
  • letting myself be absorbed in the moment as I Oil paint
  • finding a quiet spot throughout the day even for as little as 5 minutes to clear the head
  • going for a walk
  • sitting quietly
Without that quiet-time things would certainly be a lot tougher and I know a lot of people who are far busier than I as they have children to take care of as well, plus they are doing committee roles.

What I need to do better is to do it on a more regular basis as sometimes I get so busy I forget to do what I just mentioned… That is what came to my mind in my ‘quiet-time’ this morning and I have now set up reminders so I do take the time for ‘silence’ on a more regular basis.

As Lao Tzu said, “Silence is a source of great strength.”

Let silence strengthen your life!


Written by David Johnson
9 November 2014

Under The Shade Of A Tree

Thoughts come to me
Under the shade of a tree

I sit and wonder
As thoughts rain asunder

For a poem or a story
The Universe in all it’s glory…

Speaks to me
Beneath the shade of a tree

As I sit and observe
For this Universe I serve

An idea will flow
And set my mind aglow

Giving life to me
Under the shade of a tree


Written by David Johnson
1 November 2014

Atmospheric Symphony

Atmospheric symphony
Restores the Spirit

Happens by chance
No need to will it

Let the energy flow
Into your Heart

Nature you see
Wants to impart

Peace and tranquility
Into your Mind

To help you treat others
With pleasures so kind

Just sit and listen
Let it inside

Let it renew you
Eyes open-wide

Written by David Johnson
25 October 2014

Pursuit Of A Dream

Pursuit of a dream
The eye it does gleam

Enriched with a goal
Life is never drole

The journey takes you
Need that breakthrough

Learning each day
Finding another way

Sticking around
You are dream-bound

Not listening to the knockers
They are off their rockers

Your Heart & Mind glow
Get into the flow

Succeed yes you will
Keep going until…



Written by David Johnson
25 October 2014

They Ring In The Air

They ring in the air
With the passing breeze

Stories are told
With consumate ease

Casting the mind back
To days before

Memories fast
Come to the fore

They gently persuade
And settle your mood

Bringing you back
To the present

Leaving your mind

Written by David Johnson
11 October 2014

Light, Glorious Light!

Light, glorious light
Streams from above

Wrapping itself around us
Fitting us like a glove…

Lifting our Spirits
Brightening our day

Renewing our Souls
In every way…

Light gives us shadow
To give us contrast

From within the darkness
Gladness unsurpassed

Shadow that cools
In oppressive heat

On a hot day
They are hard to beat

Light and shadow
Glad for your presence

Lighting up our lives
An enduring essence!


Written by David Johnson
8 October 2014

Streams Of Life

It was as if it was only yesterday
The streams of life ran smooth

The paths that have been travelled
Have left many dreams unfurled

Daily search for answers
Keeps the mind alert

Sometimes on this journey
You can tend to overwork

Then the seeds of gratefulness
Do surely reappear

The mind turns and says good sir
What have you to fear?

Keep moving along the path you tread
The key is to keep aware

Opportunities will come and go
They will come from everywhere

Imagination can be used so well
With it you’ll defeat that worry

Keep the peace you must do
Why are you in such a hurry?

Patience is a virtue so true
Hold on through that strife

To those dreams that keep us going
That give us such a great life!


Written by David Johnson
8 October 2014

Through The Mists Of Time…


Through the mists of time
A window to the past

Mining days are gone
They were never going to last

The Scots they came
To mine the Shale

In their tracks
A ghostly pale

A town once thriving
Sits here idle

Echoes of life
Once so vital

Now the light filters in
Remnants are here

The people are gone
No-one left to cheer

Solid memories remain
A few visitors can view

Solitude replaces
And the land renews…

             Written by David Johnson

                  27 September 2014

* The inspiration for this poem and the image came from a visit yesterday to the Historic town, refinery and Shale mines of Joadja Creek. For more information please click on the following link. Thank you to Valero, Elisa & Jimmy for being wonderful hosts!

Photography by David Johnson, Light Inspired

Rough Ride!

With steely face
They enter the race

Determination shows…

Mounting the charge
The bull so large

Ready for any blows…

Gates burst open
Crowd so vocal

Danger omnipresent…

Eight seconds needed
Strength almost exceeded

Cowboy ascendant…

Pressure is mounting
Time is counting

Victory is here…

Completing the ride
Fists raised with pride

Give him a big cheer!


Written by David Johnson
12 -16 September 2014

The Stockmen

It’s been an awesome day
The Stockmen they do say
As they rope in the last
Of the herd

They’ve been up since Dawn
Some look forlorn
As they settle back
To be heard

Stories get told
They’re ever so bold
As the campfire glows
Into the night

Sleep catches on
As the night wears on
Morning will come
With first light

And the Stockmen will rise
For they will reprise
The role for which
They were born

To drive their cattle
Via valleys unshackled
To their destination
The following morn..


Written by David Johnson
10 – 16 September 2014


Clouds sing their song
As the water descends

Falling so quietly
Landing not the end

Grasping onto form
Settling onto ground

It stops and thinks
And starts to look around

It struggles at first
Then picks up speed

Joining the crowd
Feeling much relieved

Down a slope
It starts to meander

Enjoying all
The lively banter

Onward it travels
Sensing it is near

That raging river
The way is so clear

Stretching out
Going for broke

It joins the river
And meets it’s kinfolk!


Written by David Johnson
30 August 2014

Tapestry Of Life

Spark in the eye
Begins it

We all see it
But don’t all feel it

That magic moment
It comes

A new life

The Tapestry
Of Life continues

For some
Not possible

For most

All share
In the joy

Quest of life
We live it

Passing of time
We see it…

Old age
Brings wisdom…

new beginnings

Fading from view
We diminish…

Spark in the eye
Begins it

That magic moment
It comes

A new life


Written by David Johnson
30 August 2014


Words on a page
Spoken by a sage
We listen…

Instructions for life
Navigate the strife
We begin…

Plan into action
Aim to gain traction
We pursue…

Obstacles occur
Plans alter
We muse…

Think things through
Moments of truth
We stand…

Strength prevails
Wind in our sails
We strive…

Goals are the driver
Energy helps conquer
We progress…

Dream is achieved
Mind is relieved
We celebrate!


Written by David Johnson
17 August 2014

Only A Moment’s Notice!

It takes only a moments notice
For me to drift away
From this place of overload
My imagination is at play

I wander here I wander there
Both near to me and far
Sometimes to the Country
I don’t even need a car

My imagination takes me
To where I want go…
To the limestone cliffs of Dover
Or the canyons of Colorado

It’s such a relaxing feeling
Drawing on this source
It helps me keep stress at bay
As I continue on my course!


Written by David Johnson
2 August 2014

Fleeting Moments…

Fleeting moments
They drift by
Like wispy clouds
In the sky

Present becomes past
In an instant
Our life goes on
Further distanced

Each passing thought
Takes us further
Along the road
Increasing fervour

Challenges come
And they go
Strength increases
Determined flow

Keep the dream
At front of mind
Enjoy the journey
Future defined


Written by David Johnson
30 July 2014

Stories On Your Shelf

They sit and wait
So quietly
For a passerby
To stop

Stories rich and wondrous
Certainly the pick of the crop

Each of them
Are patient
For they know
It won’t be long

A Human will surely stumble by
And help them to belong

At last
A hand reaches out
Pick me, pick me
They say

I’ve been longing for you to stop
As I want to change your day

Now the book
is happy
In comforting hands
they nestle

Rest assured the book will help
The Human to be settled

In time
The book will finish
And be placed
Upon the shelf

Awaiting that future day
When another one needs help

So think
Of your bookshelf
As you
Travel your Earthly course

Visit your books often
They are a priceless resource!


Written by David Johnson
26 July 2014

Books On A Bookshelf

‘You can tell a lot about a person from the books they have in their bookshelf…” A phrase that I have heard many,many times over the years…

These days (with the advent of books available via download) perhaps it is not used as often.

Then there are people who say they ‘don’t read books…’ I’m sad for them because they are missing out on so much!

Back to the initial phrase, though. A quick look at our bookshelves indicates the following topics:

- Art Theory & History, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour painting, Drawing, Sketching; Calligraphy
– Photography Theory & History, Individual Photographers, Miscellaneous subjects, Cameras    
   (about 150 books on those aforementioned topics alone)
– Science-Fiction
– Poetry & Verse
– Assorted Novels e.g. Classics, General, Mysteries; Short Stories; Fantasy; Sci-Fi
– Movies
– Fishing
– Books about Books & Reading (yes, seriously)!
– Astronomy
– Music
– General Reference
– Self-Help (needed plenty of that over the years)
– Motivation
– Business
– Management
– Leadership
– Public Speaking
– Communication
– Religion
– Philosophy
– Networking
– Relationships
– Cacti & Succulents and Plants/Gardens etc.

I wonder what the casual observer would make of all that!?

Written by David Johnson
26 July 2014


The gentle sounds
They bring forth so true

Take my mind back
To begin anew

They ring in my mind
And in my Heart

Prompting myself
To make a new start

The wind is the player
An instrument so tame

Moving to the tune
Of a different name

As I sit and relax
I am at peace

The chimes are making
Me feel so at ease…

Written by David Johnson
19 July 2014

Cherished Moments…

Cherished moments
Each new day brings
Causing our Hearts
To leap and sing

Moments that come
Moments that go
In our daily lives
As we go to and fro

In time and space
Enjoyment of each other
Helps us through
This world of bother

Each day we live
Sharing with all
Living in the moment
Standing tall

Take time to reflect
On such a precious gift
Time on this Earth
Goes oh so swift

Cherished moments
Each new day brings
Causing our Hearts
To leap and sing

Written by David Johnson
19 July 2014

I Think Of Times…

I think of times
Not long ago
When a cool breeze
Would set my Mind aflow

Aflow with thoughts
That would relax my being
An experience that was
Indeed most freeing

Freeing the Spirit
Helping me through
Another day gone
Exacting the truth

Truth be told
Planning for the future
Living in the moment
Doing my utmost to secure

Secure in the thought
Holding onto my dreams
Working the plan
Just need to believe

Written by David Johnson
13 July 2014

Fire In The Sky!

Burning in the distance
A ball lights up the sky

The fire slowly stirring
So pleasing to the eye

Reaching out from within
Light protrudes and settles

Upon the clouds so soft
The light it does so nestle

Sinking slowly in the West
One does not need to imagine

The beauty, the colour and form
Of Mother Nature’s passion!

Written by David Johnson
11 July 2014

A Winter’s Day

A Winter’s day
Just sitting in the Sun
Reading a book
Having some fun!

Listening to the sounds
That are about
A certain symphony
Without doubt

The cool breeze
Across my being
So subtle and yet
With much feeling

The smell of cut grass
And the fragrant bloom
Hangs in the air
Like a pleasant perfume

The mind it speaks
In subconscious tones
Giving life to the senses
With no overtones


Written by David Johnson
2 July 2014

Imagination, It Flows…

Imagination, it flows
Just like a country stream
It weaves and wanders all about
Always gathering steam

It seeks out stories
Thoughts and dreams
And asks you
To believe

The story that unfolds
Believe it you certainly must
And take it on board
With utmost silent trust

It glides and clears
Mental blocks along the way
Leaving a sense of peace
In no uncertain way

Imagination, it flows
Just like a country stream
It weaves and wanders all about
Always gathering steam…

Written by David Johnson
27 June 2014

Walking The Path

Walking the path of many
Involves little thought
you might say

That is until
Of course
You walk the other way

Life has many a
twist and turn
A way of living that is earnt

How easy it is
On some occasions
To forget what things we’ve learnt

Life teaches us
over and over
Until we stop to listen

When we stop, and start
To learn
Our life begins to glisten

It’s never too late
To start again
Toward that new adventure

Solve a problem
Taking charge
Saddle up for that new venture

Stay the distance
Stay the course
At your own insistence

You’ll reap the rewards
And taste the sweetness
As you dig in, this very instance!


Written by David Johnson
26 June 2014

Snow Play

I cast my eyes
Upon the gentle slope
Filled with snow so white

The skiers flow
Down the way
A trail they begin to write

The clear blue sky
The Sun so bright
Illuminates the day

So much fun
As they show their skill
Investing time they play

Gliding through
A scene so clear
Memories built to last

See them here
See them there
Watch them as they go past!


Written by David Johnson
25 June 2014

Your Creative Journey!

As an Artist, you must continue to feed your mind, ask questions of the world and ponder. Your Art is your attempt to answer those questions and in doing so you can add your flavour to society.

So how do you feed your mind?

You can do this via:

* Reading books and other literature
* Attending Exhibitions (not just the Art you like either)
* Watching movies, documentaries and other media
* Attending lectures and presentations
* Getting together with your peers or Artists outside your realm
* Attending workshops
* Spending time contemplating about your style, about your world

You should attend exhibitions, read books etc that are outside your realm of interest. This has the effect of stretching your world-view and opens your mind to other possibilities. Your feelings about this may reveal to you a new way of seeing ‘the old’ which then will translate into your Art.

Why do all this?

You are a product of your environment. You have been subjected to different influences (chosen or otherwise). You have beliefs and your own thoughts.

Like any endeavour, you will want to grow and evolve, communicate through expressions of your Art.

The world wants to see what and how you feel about things. We want to see your flavour, a flavour that can help grow the world into news ways of appreciation and seeing.

The world is waiting…

Written by David Johnson
21 June 2014


Pursuit Of Our Dream!

Light seeps through
The crack in the wall
Tentacles reach
Not one but all

The message is filtered
For each individual
Each has their own
Singular symbol

Allowing the light
To touch us within
Gives us the clarity
To just begin

Begin we must
To charter our course
And steer the journey
Using our mental force

We know what we must do
The path we must take
To pursue our dreams
And seek our fate

Light seeps through
That crack in the wall
Work hard for your dream
And give it your all!


Written by David Johnson
21 June 2014

The Journey…

Each one enters our doors anew
The goal to improve their worldly view

Listening, watching and practicing,
Mentoring, focusing and graduating

Growth in character and respect
Extolling that positive, supportive environment

Demonstrate we must
And place in others our trust

Confidence rises buoyantly
As we go along our journey

Leading and speaking
A journey never ceasing.

Written by David Johnson
15 June 2014

(I wrote the poem specifically for the Agenda for my Campbelltown Toastmasters Club
Changeover Dinner which was held on 18 June 2014. I am the Outgoing President).

Time Wisely

In searching for solitude
We sometimes find

A new way of thinking
A new use for time

We search and we search
Till the way comes clear

We thought we were so far
Yet we are so near

So use your mind wisely
Think and be sure

Spend your time well
And become a connoisseur!

Written by David Johnson
9 June 2014

Wistful Thoughts…

Wistful thoughts
Come and go
As I sit here
Mind goes to and fro

Of days that are past
And didn’t last
Of future times
Not setfast

Thoughts of things
That I do regret
Other things
I want to forget

Midway journey
I am here
Living my life
Searching far and near

Many plans afoot
Reaching high
Challenges appear
Incredible sigh

Working through
Changing tack
The road ahead
Appears off track

Dance and move
Think on the feet
Imagination helps
No time to retreat

Ideas come
Each day to me
Work them well
Become free

Written by David Johnson
9 June 2014

The Pendulum Swings…

The title sounds like a good title for a poem. Perhaps one day I will use it as that.

For today however, it refers to two interests I have, one is Photography, the other Toastmasters.

Photography started as an interest for me in the early 1980’s and the obsession continues to this day. Toastmasters, I joined in 2008 and it has given me so much (and continues to do so), including the confidence to open up my photography business, a general confidence and being able to relate to people a lot better.

For the past 6 years the pendulum has swung heavily toward Toastmasters, especially in the 4 years I was on the Executive, culminating in being President this past year. The past two years have been quite intense as the Vice-President Education role and President carry the most responsibility (i.e. the top two positions). I also did the Youth Leadership Co-ordinator role last year.

Come 1 July 2014 I will be ‘Immediate Past President’ and am not looking to take on any Committee roles in any organisation for the next few years, having been on committees for most of the past 26 years. A break is overdue…

My photography business carries on regardless of what I do, however personal photographic projects had given way to Toastmasters in the past 6 years. I will always photograph just like I always will be a Toastmaster. Toastmasters however will slide into the background a bit more and become another tool I utilise and practice at in my goal to become a better communicator and along the way I can help others too.

Over recent months I’ve been getting more and more ideas for photographic/Art projects and attending the recent Head On South Photographic Festival has spurred me on even more!

I can feel the Pendulum starting to swing back already.

Written by David Johnson
1 June 2014

Surrounded By Knowledge

Surrounded by knowledge
I sit in my room
Which book to select
So I can consume

Words come to life
Like water from a spring
Into our lives
So everlasting

Knowledge is power
So it is said
Without some action
There’s no road ahead

Books are a lifeblood
A treasure to behold
Enact that knowledge
And go break that mould!


Written by David Johnson
23 May 2014

Struggle Within

Quiet moments
Toughest times
Epic battles
Anxiety climbs

Search for answers
Sometimes fruitful
One’s own mind
Giving you an earful

Outside inside
Fears that grow
Etched in silence
Furrowed brow

Troubled Soul
Needs a guide
Faith begins
Deep inside

Battle fought
From within
Positive signs
Now begin

Written by David Johnson
23 May 2014

The Glow

The glow of the fire
Is the heartbeat of the room.
It dances and flickers
To its own tune.

It draws us in deeply
A tale yet awaits.
Of our own making
The coldness abates

The Yellow, the Orange
Leaps to a great height
Writing the path
Lighting up the night

Our Spirit is lifted
Heart skips a beat
Nourished and fed
The Soul is complete

Written by David Johnson
22 May 2014

Lifelike Impressions

Lifelike impressions
Written in code

Throughout the ages
Family history is sown

Likeness anticipated
The story is told

The day comes quickly
A joy to behold

A new babe is born
So brilliant, so bold!

Lifelike impressions
Written in code


Written by David Johnson
22 May 2014

A Quiet Moment Taken…

A quiet moment taken
Sitting in the Sun
Autumn leaves descending
Birds are having fun

Chirping as they do
In the trees where they reside
Singing a sweet song
Soothing the busy mind

Thinking as we do
Throughout our working day
Needing a calming influence
To get us on our way

Forging that path ahead
A gentle breeze rings true
As we gaze into the sky
Into the sea of blue

Written by David Johnson

21 May 2014


Change for the good
Change for the better
Riding through stormy weather

Taking stock
Clear the head
Call to action instead of said

Some things that served me
In the past
Seemingly are, not going to last

The future is bright
The future is clear
Wheels in motion, starting to steer

Journey continues
It doesn’t stop here
Look at me now, I’m starting to cheer!

Written by David Johnson
15 May 2014

Turn, Turn…

Turn turn,
Weather is cooling

Turn turn
Autumn has arrived

Turn turn
Leaves are changing

See the Yellow, the Orange and the Red

Soon the leaves
Are one with the Earth

Branches are bare
Desolate stare

They await the first Pinks of Spring.

Blossoms abound
Bees come around

Fragrances bloom
Summer looms

To heat the Earth
And enjoy the mirth.

Written by David Johnson
13 May 2014