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Just a reminder that in August 2015, I created a new blog called ‘Communicating Creatively‘, which encompasses my 5 interests of Poetry, Photography, Writing, Public Speaking and Painting.

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I will be removing the ‘Observations & Other Writings’ blog at the end of February 2017.

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New Beginnings

I started this blog in August 2013. Initially it was going to be the blog for my general articles that I was intending on writing and maybe, the odd Poem.

Over time it came to pass that I was writing more poems than actual articles. I also had another blog called light where I was writing articles concerning Photography.

Over recent months, Writing has become more prominent than before, though separately I still enjoy writing poems and was thinking of a blog solely for them. It was starting to become evident that I was going to end up with 3-4 separate blogs which would have been hard to keep up.

That being the case, I decided to start afresh and I have started a new blog called ‘Communicating Creatively’ which encompasses my 5 main interests: Photography, Poetry, Public Speaking, Oil painting & Writing.

These interests all fit under the banner of ‘Communication’ and the new blog has been set up with Category Pages so that when you click into the blog, if you are interested in Photography you click on the the Photography page, Poetry, the Poetry page and so on…

I would like to invite my followers of this blog to check out ‘Communicating Creatively.’

At times on the blog the interests will cross-over as I am exploring different ways of communicating what I observe in the world.

This blog will remain up for now (until the new one has been up awhile). Some of the posts from this page may appear on the new blog though I am aiming for mainly new content.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank those people who have commented on, liked a post, page, completed a pingback/trackback on my blog. You have given me great encouragement, for which I will be eternally grateful for!

Hope to see you over at my new blog

Wishing you all the very best for the future! 🙂

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David Johnson
23 August 2015

Building The Peace

Building The Peace

Into The Blue

Standing on that alien ridge
A distant planet rises
Orange’s and Red’s and Yellow’s glow
The higher in the sky it fires

Standing in pre-Dawn light I see
The horizon bathed in Blue
I stand there in so much wonder
Can this all be true?

Silence all around me
As the night carries on through
I want to reach out and touch the stars
As I gaze into the Blue

Bathed in an ocean of stars so bright
My mind seeks to be renewed
Into the night, into the Blue
Just simply enjoying the view

Written by David Johnson
4 July 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015


Seeking detachment
In this life, chosen
Speaker, they voice
Instructions to all

Eager ears listen
For direction and guidance
Their Spirits are willing
Not left to chance

Guided they are
And so it will be
Detachment, it will
Ultimately set them free…

Written by David Johnson
29 June 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Deep In The Memory

Deep In The Memory-3

Experiential Feelings

Experiential feelings
From deep within
Come from the Heart
Filled to the brim

Seeking audience
From near and far
Ready to impart
A veritable repertoire

Feelings played out
In the ceremony of Life
Learning more and more
In experiences so rife

Lessons are learned
Along Life’s journey
Wisdom gained
Plus moral certainty!

Written by David Johnson
20 June 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Droplets Of Relief

Droplets of relief
Fall over me now
Stress receding
Start believing

Within your Spirit
Slow your breathing
Start again
Comfort within

Action taken
Sure of your will
That notion of success
You are truly blessed!

Written by David Johnson
14 June 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Put Some Colour In Your Life!

One of my favourite TV Shows is “Colour In Your Life.”

From the website:

‘Put Some Colour In Your Life’ or ‘Colour In Your Life’, is a television series created by Master Artist and CEO Graeme Stevenson. It began in the small town of Murwillumbah, just south of the NSW/QLD border in Australia, and from this incredibly artistic region has spread out to encompass the arts and artists of Australia, and the world.”

I have watched and enjoyed this show, (and its accompanying website) for a few years now.

It is such a pleasure to not only view the Art, but also see the Artist in action. You also get to hear a snapshot of the Artist’s journey and their influences.

In Australia, ‘Colour In Your Life’ can me viewed on TV4ME (Channel 74) at 7.30pm on Saturday’s or on the website

Now in its 10th series, ‘Colour In Your Life’ brings the expertise of the Artist to you, to inspire you to explore your own creativity!

I have included a link to episode from 25 April 2015 that I re-watched today. It features Artist, Jana Vodesil-Baruffi who gives a wonderful demonstration of painting with a palette knife, giving insights about influence and technique along the way. We also get to view some of Jana’s vast array of Art.

The ‘Colour In Your Life’ website is also in the process of becoming an Arts Hub for Artists all over the World. A place where you too can show and sell your Art.

I hope that you find ‘Colour In Your Life’ as enjoyable and inspirational as I do!

Written by David Johnson
13 June 2015

Life’s Fragile Funnel

Life, as we have come to see
Is as fragile as it can be

Tragedy can strike from ‘out of the blue’
Family and friends need to ‘stay true’

Relationships that have been built over time
One’s that age ‘just like a fine wine’

Helping each other right on through
When it seems hopeless and we don’t know what to do

Through troubled times, our character grows
Thoughts and prayers add to the flow

Staying strong throughout Life’s funnel
Ensures there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Written by David Johnson
8 June 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Cascading Light!

Cascading light
Quite a sight!

Revealing form
Like lightning in a storm…

Textures flow
Nature, the Maestro!

Shadow play
Light’s forte…

Shimmering in the light
Claiming their birthright!

Into full bloom
Flowers loom..

Bathed in glory
Light conveys the story!

Written by David Johnson
8 June 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Secrets Of The Heart

Secrets of the Heart, come inside
See what secrets there are to find

Here the author, here the journey
Feel the Heart that is yearning

Throughout your life your secrets be
Who you are, that is the key…

Who are you when you step this way?
Within your Heart every single day

Revealing yourself as time goes on
Singing to all your once secret songs…

Written by David Johnson
6 June 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Those Feelings…

What happens to the feelings we have
Once they have gone away?

They dwell in the ether
To return another day…

When we have that pensive look
And our thoughts start to stray

Our minds drift to earlier times
And those old feelings come our way

Good or bad those feelings will
Be welcome or make us pay

It is our choice, it is our mind
Which one will you choose today?


Written by David Johnson
20 May 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Steel Dinosaur

Majestically it rises
The steel dinosaur

It creeps into the sky
Just look at how it soars!

Filled with tiny beings
Going about their day

Working so hard and long
To derive their extra pay

Shining in the Sun
An architectural marvel

A testament to the powers
Of the human carnival

A beacon to all mankind
Ambition of the highest order

The planner, the builder
Mankind the steel embroider

Majestically it rises
The steel dinosaur

It creeps into the sky
Just look at how it soars!


Written by David Johnson
19 May 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

A Story Written…

Each of us has a story
A beginning and ending
How will yours be written?

The laughs and the loves
The hurts and victories
How is yours being written?

Memories and joys
Of peace and of strife
How was yours written?

Commemorate them now
As we raise a glass
There is no more to be written…

Written by David Johnson
15 May 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Late At Night…

Street lights glow
In the dark of the night
A car drifts slowly by…

Lighting up a smoke
A person stands alone
Thinking about the day just gone…

Smoke rises in the air
Backlit by a street lamp
Drifts off into the night…

A distant figure looms
Along that dark and lonely street
Casting a long shadow…

Two strangers meet
Their eyes connect
A dalliance begins…

Walking off into the night
Hand in hand
Love begins to grow…

Street lights glow
In the dark of the night
A car drifts slowly by…

Written by David Johnson
15 May 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

The Argyle Emporium – A Step Into The Past…

Argyle Emporium BookshopRecently I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Argyle Emporium, a second hand bookshop in the City of Goulburn NSW Australia.

Situated in the old Goulburn Police Station, a quintessential second hand bookshop, with books lining high shelves and stacked anywhere where possible, corridors that meander through the building revealing more rooms holding secrets of literature just awaiting to be discovered!

There is something special about an old building housing second-hand books.

Natural light permeates the rooms, enticing the reader to go deeper and deeper into it’s recesses…

We all have our favourite subjects. Upon entering a bookshop I am instantly drawn to the Photography, General Art, Poetry and Writing sections.

Scanning the shelves of Poetry, my eyes glanced over the treasures kept on the shelf. Then I saw it… “A Book Of Poetry” Edited by W M Smyth, 1961 edition. 380 pages of pure joy that now sat lovingly in my hands.

100 Poets ready to guide, enthral and captivate me!

It’s only my second visit to this bookshop. I can’t wait for the next one!


Written by David Johnson
15 May 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Pub Thinking

Sitting in a pub
Glass at the ready

Between each sip
Writing poetry

Music on the video
Sports on the TV

Relaxing thoughts
Feeling so free

Distant chatter
Constant discourse

Poker machines chant
Punters seek recourse

Pool ball hit
Reputation on the line

Black ball in pocket
Feeling just fine

Glass near empty
Poem near done

Cheers to all
Had a lot of fun!


Written by David Johnson
13 May 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015


Rays track across the Earth
Lighting up the ground

The chasm fast approaches
No time to look around

Deep within it’s recesses
Nestles a stormy flow

Bending around the corner
Revealing a ghastly glow

The posse is approaching
Closer and closer they get

No time to stop and think
No time to stop and fret

Where to go? What to do?
Escape plan needed now

Idea comes, courage yes
Time to take a bow

Retreating first, galloping full
Time to build up speed

Heart in mouth, feet airborne
Posse to take heed

Chasm conquered
Freedom sure

Escape this time
For this outlaw…

Written by David Johnson
30 April 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

In A Sky So Blue

Conversation springs
From the tallest of trees
On a perfect Autumn day
Feeling so at ease

The warmth of the Sun
There to be enjoyed
A slight breeze evident
Our Spirit’s are buoyed

In a sky so blue
Clouds they roam
Almost like a great
Gathering of foam

Drifting across the sky
Silent as they go
Creating shapes
As they constantly flow

Days like this
Relax our minds
Uplifting our Spirits
As we unwind…

Written by David Johnson
25 April 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Distant Voices

Voices call out
In the distance so clear

The sounds of a party
Are there for all to hear

A gathering of family
A gathering of friends

Relationships strengthened
Good times, the trend

Sharing the stories
Laughing so loud

It must surely be
A great big crowd

Times like this
Are to be praised

For our Spirits need
To be constantly raised

Cherish those moments
We all crave so dear

And carry them on
All throughout the year!

Written by David Johnson
19 April 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Long Sought After Feeling

That long sought after feeling
Drifts right on to

My infinite consciousness
And hangs onto

My mind is inviting
That feeling to stay

Otherwise that feeling
Would simply, drift away

Experiencing this feeling
Sets my mind alive

Gives me new hope
Taking life in my stride

As I set forth into the future
Carrying that feeling with me

The future is bright
For I can be me!

Written by David Johnson
16 April 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Trickles Of Light

Trickles of light

Through the leaves
They dance

Trees stand tall

Shadows play
Feet well planted

Autumn colours

Lifting us
From our gloom

Spirit settled
Breathing easy

Ideas they flow
Thoughts come freely

Trickles of light

Through the leaves
They dance…

Written by David Johnson
15 April 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Dreams In The Air

Dreams in the air
Hang like leaves from a tree

They wait till they
Are formally set free

Filled with hope
They are set upon their way

Coming alive from within
Gaining momentum each day

Throughout the journey
Obstacles come

With fervour and grit
They shall be overcome

In each of us lies
Courage unseen

The starting point
Is with our own belief!

Written by David Johnson
5 April 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Majestically It Rises…

Majestically it rises
From the waters so clear

Caressing the rock face
That appears so sheer

Up over the land
And further beyond

It carries on through time
An invisible vagabond

Unplanned in it’s journey
Unsure of it’s destination

It goes about it’s way
Without a hint of caution

Sweeping across our land
Occasionally with fear

It refreshes the Spirits
Of all those who are near

I feel it on my face
As I sit near a window

A fresh wind so calming
One so soft and so mellow…

Written by David Johnson
25 March 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Silently They Stand…

Silently they stand
Commanding in appearance
Growing through years
Looking tall in the distance

Changes have been many
Man and his structures
Standing fine throughout
Life’s many junctures

From the smallest seed
They grew…
Through fire and storm
They are renewed…

Nestled in their arms
Their friends are many
Birds make it their home
Feeding their young aplenty

A beacon of Nature
There for all to see
Swaying in the wind
So strong and carefree

Respect them we must
For they give humanity life
Treat them with contempt
And we’ll end up in strife

Written by David Johnson
21 March 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

The Horses

Settling back against a post
As he listens for any sound
The Sun beats down upon his form
As he sits upon the ground

His hat is dipped so slightly
Enough to allow him to see
The horses coming by him
So wild and so, so free

Running full, their shiny coats
Shimmering and glistening
Their legs pound the Earth
Ears full of listening

So graceful is their movement
Mesmerising so
He straightens up and watches
Them put on a show

They gallop off in the distance
A dust cloud does ensue
The cowboy settles back
As they disappear into the blue…


Written by David Johnson
14 March 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Striving To Succeed

We live our lives
With hope instilled

To build our dreams
With all our will

Obstacles come
From time to time

To test our strength
As we make our climb

Staying power
Is what we need

Going for that dream
Striving to succeed

Think, plan and work
And believe

Dream that dream
And achieve!


Written by David Johnson
11 March 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Emotional Furnace

Sitting on the porch
Strumming that guitar
Writing about their history
They’ve come so far

From early beginnings
Throughout their youth
Within their songs
They reach for the truth

Hardship, working life
Make up the verses
All the while
In an emotional furnace

Journey’s been hard
Will to win stubborn
Going through their lives
Always been governed

Seeking redemption
Wanting to be free
Listen to their story
To the future, they foresee…


Written by David Johnson
7 March 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Seeds Of Life

Bursting forth
In all its capacity
Water pours
Rather haphazardly

Random showers
Quenching the thirst
Seeds of life
About to burst

Breaking out
Of the casing they see
A whole new world
Where they can be free

Reaching up
To Sunlight so strong
They start to believe
That they will livelong

Over their Kingdom
Casting their eye
Part of the fragrance
Of friends nearby

A blessing they are
To all those who visit
A gracious carpet
Of flowers so exquisite!

Written by David Johnson
5 March 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Photos On The Wall

Photos on the wall
Tell our story

Convey our joys
And our history

Happy faces
Joyous moments

Richness of life
In all its components

Showing our growth
At each turn

Wanting the life
For which we yearn

Depressing times
Cast aside

Loving times

Presently feeling
More inspired

Love of life


Written by David Johnson
4 March 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

The Book-lover!

Sitting under a tree
Engrossed in a book
The world passes by
No need to look

Within your world
You are at peace
Happy as can be
It’s your release

Alone with a book
Is such sweet pleasure
As you uncover all
Its Earthly treasure

Sometimes fiction
Sometimes reference
You need to choose
It’s your very own preference

With each page
Your mind is fed
Your life enhanced
And your Heart is led

Turning each page
Leads you to uncover
The very thing
That makes you a book-lover!


Written by David Johnson
26 February 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

The Unread Book

I came across a book today
Bought in ’71 on holiday
At 8 years old
It seemed like Gold

Though it remains unread until this day…

Purchased in Northern NSW
It must have been on sale
A Paperback for $1.75
Imagination set to thrive!

Still, it remains unread until this day…

The author is Bill Harney
It’s about Australia’s Country
Excerpts from his life
The fun and also the strife

Though it remains unread until this day…

The title is relaxing
Certainly not too taxing
A lot of fun, it is
‘Content To Lie In The Sun’

Still, it remains unread until this day…

Throughout my life I waited
For that time anticipated
When that feeling would come
In the form of some wisdom

Though it remains unread until this day…

Today I’ve got that feeling
My Heart has started to sing
Without any hesitation
And much anticipation

I started reading this book today!

Written by David Johnson
14 February 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Sprinkles Of Light

Sprinkles of light
Fade into the distance

The warmth of the day
Giving up it’s resistance

The birds are chirping
In their own unique ways

Taking it in turns
Telling us about their day

A gentle breeze
Serenades us all

Tis the end of the day
As night begins to fall

The temperature decreases
Calmness returns

Our Spirits are settled
The day is ajourned


Written by David Johnson
8 February 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

The Campfire

It seems a long time ago
Too long a time in fact

That I sat around a campfire
To listen and chew the fat

Staring into the ghostly flame
Hearing the crackling wood

I know I would do this
More often if I could

Shrouded by the night
The campfire sings it’s song

Flames dance all about
Amongst the Earthly throng

Long into the night
Stories ring long and ring true

Spirits are restored
Nature’s light shines on through

Written by David Johnson
6 February 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Deep Within Our Mind…

Deep within our mind
Thoughts drift about
Developing into ideas
Screaming to get out

Triggered by circumstance
Nurtured by time
Aged in our mind
Just like a fine wine

Life changing thoughts
Emerge from within
Changes for the better
A new life begins!

Written by David Johnson
6 February 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Remnants Of Life

Riding along the highway
Desert clouds loom

Out from the horizon
Hear the thunder boom!

Rain, it falls
Like sheets of glass

Tearing across
Long dried out grass

Ghostly calls are heard
Long borne in strife

Clamouring for attention
Mere remnants of life

Rising from the Earth
Those next in line

Continue their journey
An infinite paradigm…


Written by David Johnson
30 January 2015


© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Into The Distance

Into the distance
Our mind forecasts

Better things
Than in times past

Working hard
Change the tune

Thinking smart
Toward that fortune

Restless Spirit
Needs reassuring

Quite alluring

Focus required
Plans in place

Steady as she goes
Still in the race!


Written by David Johnson
30 January 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

When Your Spirit Needs Lifting

In times of sadness
When your Spirit needs lifting

And you can feel your Heart
Is alone and drifting

Think of those times
Your Family does cherish

Your mood will be lifted
No time to perish

The precious memories
Your mind does hold

Will live on and on
Forever retold

Written by David Johnson
30 January 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Pink Floyd Late At Night…

Pink Floyd late at night
Retrospective thoughts

Sometimes subtle
Sometimes haunts

Deep within
Peacefulness grows

Listening intently
Feeling overflows

Contemplating notions
Contemplating time

Heart and Mind
Imagining a lifetime

Pink Floyd late at night
Retrospective thoughts

Sometimes subtle
Sometimes haunts…

Written by David Johnson
23 January 2014

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

Feelings They Flow

Feelings they flow
Upon a gentle breeze

Greeting each new person
With the greatest of ease

They rest upon our minds
And cause us to think

What we mean to each other
They are the missing link

Joining us together
Making us strong

Lifting the barriers
We just want to belong

Those feelings enlighten us
Giving us lasting joy

A lifelong endless glow
To eternity they flow…

Written by David Johnson
21 January 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

“Remembering Dad”

When loss is here
It is so hard
Fighting through tears
Life plays another card

Thinking back
Of times well shared
Life was given
We all cared

Special moments
Come to mind
Family joys
One of a kind…

A life-long partner
Of sixty-three years
Mum shared your life
Your joys and your fears

Children, spouses and grandchildren
Arrived in this world
We remember you now
As life unfurls

You loved the horses, your Rose garden
Playing cards, a social drink
A BBQ, a discussion
And time to think

Dragons and Bulldogs
Were your teams
A staunch supporter
They were a dream

A bet on the horses
A beer with your mates
Supporting your League teams
Made you feel great!

We remember that laugh
The commanding voice you had
That sense of humour
Thanks for being our Dad

Now it’s time for you to go
And for us to say goodbye
Farewell Dad, Love you
We will remember you all of our lives.


Written by David Johnson
17 January 2015


Dad was born on 3/7/1929 and passed away on 16/1/2015.

Our Family honoured Dad’s wish of a low-key, private funeral.

On behalf of our Family I wrote the above poem which was
read out by the Celebrant at his funeral on 22/1/2015.

Rest In Peace, Dad.

Peaceful Notes

Peaceful notes
Ring out
Birds in the trees
Sing out

A joyful song
It is
Relaxing us
Deep within

Time for us
To recharge our minds
And recount gently
Spirit redefined

Replace within
Our minds so clear
Positive thoughts
We begin to hear

Moving forward
From this moment
The way is clear
Seek enjoyment

Written by David Johnson
16 January 2015

© Observations & Other Writings/David Johnson 2015

The Next Book…

Have you ever thought about why we choose the very next book to read?

Is it because of an interest in that subject or are we drawn to a particular book for a particular reason, or both?

Currently I am reading the following books:

  • “E-Squared” by Pamela Grout
  • “Quicker Than The Eye” – A collection of short stories by my favourite fiction author, Ray Bradbury
  • “Coaching The Artist Within” by Eric Maisel

Generally I will have at least two books ‘on the go.’ One is normally fiction and the other a self-development book of some sort.

On the weekends I often find myself up early & either before or after a walk, I grab a Tea (mostly), sometimes a Coffee and I sit out in our Sunroom and look at the bookshelves. If inclined I wander over and I scan the shelves.

Often it will be an Art or Photography book that I select. I will flip through it and then if it is ‘speaking to me’ I will sit down and allow it to ‘carry on the conversation’ with me.

Today two books caught my eye:

  • “I Dare You” by Dr Joyce Meyer. I bought this book several years ago but I have never read it.
  • “Philosophy Of The Arts: An Introduction To Aesthetics” – Gordon Graham. I purchased this second-hand a couple of months ago. Given the subject matter it is not a ‘quick-read.’

In flipping through “I Dare You” there were a couple of segments that “spoke to me” and have suggested to me that I need a change of attitude in some areas of my life.

“Philosophy Of The Arts” covers the pleasure, emotion, understanding and meaning plus covers topics such as music, painting, photography, film, poetry, writing and architecture, all of which fascinate me and I find that Art is becoming a bigger part of my life as time marches on.

I have no doubt these books will be getting my full attention quite soon!

Written by David Johnson
11 January 2015

Interests, Escapes & Loves!

From the early 1980’s, Photography was my main interest. This stayed the same for many years. I love to read and also have an interest in Cacti & Succulents and Rugby League though the latter has diminished over time…

2008, enter Toastmasters. This became a huge part of my life virtually from the word go, giving me new experiences, improving my confidence and positively affecting my life in at least a half a dozen ways. Nominating for Executive roles certainly increased the time quotient and the education. I’m not on any executive roles now but am still a member and I enjoy constructing and delivering speeches.

2010, enter Drawing and Painting. I took a basic drawing course in 2010 and have always enjoyed viewing paintings and other Art. These I was going to attempt when retired. After dabbling in a few different mediums, I have to say that the Oils, Acrylic and Inktense mediums are my favourites though there is still a lot to learn about each of them.

2012, the first murmurings of my photography business came to the fore. Photography had always been my ‘escape’ from the real world, now it is a business (even though I still have personal fun projects on the side).

2013, enter Writing. My ‘Light Inspired’ blog and the blog you are on now are my first forays into this area. I started this blog as a bit of fun to communicate my thoughts on various things. One day in August that year I started to write a poem and thought it might fun to include in the blog. Now the blog has more poems than articles!

I had always enjoyed reading Poetry though had only ever put pen to paper and scribbled a few verses whilst on holidays (and probably threw them away…).

2014 saw me come up with three plots for short stories and I realise I have more than a passing interest in Social Media.

For many years I have said Photography was my main love, though as it turns out, what I really love is Communication.

Written by David Johnson
7 January 2015

The Colour Green

In shades of dark
and of light
It covers the Earth

A sign
Of peacefullness
Rather than of mirth

Grasses, trees,
The colour Green
A painter’s dream…

It reaches to
The sandy shores
So serene…

Our lives enhanced
From life’s palette
It is all around

The colour Green
Relaxing your mind
Without a single sound!

Written by David Johnson
2 January 2015

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Another Year Passes…

Another year has passed…
Oh so glad

What a year we’ve
Most certainly had

One of challenge
And of laughter

Tonight is the end
Of the latest chapter

Spending it with
My one true love

Purer than
The Whitest Dove

At Midnight we will raise
Our glasses and cheer!

And wish you all
A Happy New Year!!!

Written by David Johnson
New Year’s Eve 2014

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

The Stars They Shine…

The Stars they shine
both day and night

By day they are hidden
By thy light

At night a glistening
Show ensues

Light that shimmers
Soul reviewed

Humbled among
The Universe so grand

The Human Race
Is but a small band

Caring for our World
Remembering our place

Will ensure the future
Of our race

Written by David Johnson
30 December 2014

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Summer Feelings

They arise without warning
Raking across the land
The hot winds of Summer
Mother Nature waves her hand

You can feel it in the air
And see it in the trees
Warming the Earth
Travelling with ease

From the beach to the mountains
A joyous chorus rings
The song of Cicadas
Mother Nature sings

A symphony to all
A wondrous message sent
To the people of Earth
A wholly natural event

Written by David Johnson
26 December 2014

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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